Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Every part of the buffalo

I'm a sock knitter. This shouldn't come as a surprise to you.

And I have small feet - also not a surprise.

In the last few months, I've finished a pair of socks in Wollmeise Twin and Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Love both of these yarns very very much, and I loved the socks that resulted from them.

The Mountain Colors yarn I adore because it's a wool, mohair and nylon blend. Wool and nylon for wear; mohair for warmth. I anticipate that this will keep my poor feet very comfy this winter.

When I completed the pair, I weighed the leftovers, as I do, and I discovered that I had a little more than a third of the skein left.... I did a bit of thinking, and realized that I could get a pair of anklets out of the leftovers. Ideal for bed socks for the depths of winter...

so I divided the leftovers into two even balls (digital kitchen scales are very handy for this) and worked a pair of toe-up socks, working the legs until I ran out. I didn't even bother doing ribbing, just a loose cast-off at the top. The tops roll down fetchingly, and they'll keep me nice and warm in bed. I don't know that they'd stay up in my shoes, but that's not what they are for.

I had about a yard leftover total, once all four socks were done.

And as I'd blogged before, I discovered that the skeins of Wollmeise Twin are larger than usual - about 460m per 150gm skein - and that I was going to be able to squeak two pairs out of one skein. Which I did! The first pair top down, my usual, and then I divided the leftovers into two balls, and worked the second pair toe-up, until I ran out of yarn.

(Colorway is Birkenrinde, in case you're wondering.)

And a handful of yards left of this skein - it was clear that my weighing wasn't quite accurate, so to ensure that the two toe-up socks were the same length, I stopped one with a few yards of yarn left.

So: two skeins of fabulous yarn, three pairs of full socks and one pair of bed socks.

I am a happy knitter and my feet will be ready for winter.


Unknown said...

I have never even considered leaving out the ribbing. I love the little curl that it makes. Perfect bed footies!

Anonymous said...

Yup!! We LOVE Wollmeise... cause it's awesome colours AND generous yardage!