Techniques and Guidance: Links to Key Posts

Posts in which I've provided ideas, guidance and sensible advice (or at the very least expressed an opinion that may actually be helpful)

Chart Reading Tutorial - in response to knitters who want to knit "Bigger on the Inside" but were intimidated by the charts
Casting off Loosely - Sort of like "Drive Carefully", easy to say, less easy to do.
The Crochet Sock Yarn Blanket - using up sock yarn leftovers and a crochet lesson all-in-one.
On Gauge - Why even a quarter of a stitch can matter. Because I will never stop talking about this.
Toe-up vs. Top-down socks -why? which is better? which is easier? where should I start?
The top-down training sock - want to learn to knit top-down socks? Start here!
The toe-up training sock - want to learn to knit toe-up socks? Start here!
On 2.5mm needles and US sizing -answering a reader question.
Continental knitting and the very cool Norwegian purl.
Lace knitting: the double decrease -picking favourites with decreases
On blocking and sewing up -in which I take issue with Debbie Stoller (politely)
Tidying up your Edges -a tip from the original Wise Hilda
Counting Rows in Cables -a lifesaver
Picking up Gusset Stitches and Avoiding a Hole -an easy solution to a common problem
A Cautionary Tale - for the love of god, just wind the damn skein into a ball
On Nylon in Sock Yarn & Reinforcement -a quick but helpful reply to reader mail
On Looking for Errata -it may well not be you, it might be them
Emergency Cable Needle - really!
The New & Improved Perfect Tension Swatch -because you just gotta
On Ribbing Needles for Socks -more opinions!
Mock Cable Rib - Excellent for Socks -because k1 p1 ribbing is boring
Ruffled Edging -not just for girly-girls
Softening Itchy Sweaters -or, stealing your significant other's hair conditioner for the greater good
Take a Good Look -tips to save your sanity
Tubular Knitting -12-stitch rounds without going insane
Why the Long-Tailed Cast On is the Best - opinion alert!
Advanced Grafting -helpful for Rogue; how to graft something other than plain stocking stitch
On Tension & Swatching -more lecturing