Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Lithuanian Knitting", the book

As I wrote in May, I worked with Donna Druchunas and her writing pattern June Hall, on their book "Lithuanian Knitting".

My copy arrived this week.

Although I'd seen the book in digital form, I was bowled over by the printed copy... It's not just a book of knitting patterns - although the patterns and projects for socks and mittens and gloves and wristwarmers are all gorgeous. The book weaves together (pun very much intended) the history of a country and personal histories of its two authors and and an exploration of a fascinating set of regional knitting techniques. Need a gift for an armchair-traveller? This is it.

And the details are wonderful:

I adore the end-papers (click to enlarge to see it in its full glory)

and the little sketches at the foot of the pages.

There's lots of gorgeous photography of Donna and June's travels around Lithuania, and knitting projects old and new.

Learn more about the book (and order your own copy) here.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Design: The Dunrossness Hat

UPDATE: Kit available for purchase!

I've been working on a book of mitten designs, and part of that process is spending hours combing through stitch dictionaries looking for inspiration and design ideas.

In one of my favourite colourwork books, I kept coming back to this terrifically elegant and classic Shetland pattern. I knew it wasn't going to work for the mitten I had in mind, but I loved it so.

When a package of grey and white yarn arrived at my front door, it seemed like divine intervention: a two classic colours, one skein of each... just enough for a hat, and two lovely contrasting colours.

And here is the hat that resulted: Dunrossness. Named for a town in Shetland, it's classic in every way, right down to the pompom on top. Why mess with the perfection of a colourwork hat with a generous pom-pom on top?

A kit is available for purchase here, and you can enter here to win a free kit.  Contest closes midnight tonight, November 16th, and is open to everyone - if you're a Craftsy member already, use your login credentials. If you're not a member, you can still enter (just don't forget to uncheck the box if you don't want to be added to the mailing list).

(Although, a word to the wise: late-night pom-pom making is not something I'd recommend. Ask me how I know.