Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Lithuanian Knitting", the book

As I wrote in May, I worked with Donna Druchunas and her writing pattern June Hall, on their book "Lithuanian Knitting".

My copy arrived this week.

Although I'd seen the book in digital form, I was bowled over by the printed copy... It's not just a book of knitting patterns - although the patterns and projects for socks and mittens and gloves and wristwarmers are all gorgeous. The book weaves together (pun very much intended) the history of a country and personal histories of its two authors and and an exploration of a fascinating set of regional knitting techniques. Need a gift for an armchair-traveller? This is it.

And the details are wonderful:

I adore the end-papers (click to enlarge to see it in its full glory)

and the little sketches at the foot of the pages.

There's lots of gorgeous photography of Donna and June's travels around Lithuania, and knitting projects old and new.

Learn more about the book (and order your own copy) here.

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Donna D said...

Thanks, Kate! It was so much fun. I loved the books I saw in Lithuanian bookstores and I decided to work with a Lithuanian art director and have the books printed there so I could get the same style and quality. Well wroth every penny!