Thursday, April 28, 2016

Feel Good Sock Yarn summer sock club: 3 exclusive colourways and patterns

I designed a pair of socks for the summer issue of Knitty with Feel Good Silverspun sock yarn. This yarn was new to me, and I loved it. Normally, I’m all about wool-based sock yarns, but I know very well that there are those who can’t do wool, and those who seek a cooler solution for warmer climates. It’s cotton and elastic, with the addition of a little bit of sterling silver, which is antibacterial and therefore reduces the inevitable “whiffiness” of cotton socks worn in canvas sneakers. (It can’t just be me that suffers from smelly summer feet? Can it?)
I loved the yarn so much that I agreed to design three pairs for the Feel Good sock club.
Without spoilers, there are three summery designs - one quite ladylike, a pair of sneaker socks, and something a bit more fancy (but not fussy).
The yarn colours are terrific, too.