Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Pattern: The Lace 102 Sampler

The original, about
5 x 14 inches.
I teach a lot of lace knitting classes, and in my advanced lace class, we work a smaller sampler project. It's a fun and quick knit, and allows the knitter to experiment with a lot of different lace patterns. It's a small piece - too big to be a bookmark, too small to be a scarf.

Several students requested that I turn the pattern into a scarf... and so I did.

In addition to being a beautiful and fun knitting project, this sampler is designed to be a learning tool for lace knitters, as an option for those who want to expand their lace skills but can’t make it to one of my classes in person.

It features a variety of lace stitch patterns, all challenging in different ways, to allow you to experiment and learn some new techniques.
A proper scarf!
I’ve used some all-over patterns, and some single lace motifs worked on a plain background; I’ve used some lace with a stocking stitch ground (that is, with purl WS), some with a garter stitch ground (with knit WS); there are patterns worked on one side only, and patterns worked on both sides. There are patterns with variable numbers of stitches, and a pattern that featured delayed decreases. I’ve used some tricky and unusual stitches like s2kpo and p2tog tbl. And there are the often-feared Estonian nupps.

The sampler ends with an applied edging. Although this project is best tackled by a knitter with lace experience, everything is explained in sufficient detail that even an adventurous newer knitter could take it on.

Click to see the detail.

All pattern stitches are charted. (Some but not all have written instructions, also.) If you need a tutorial in chart reading, see this post on this blog.

Each individual pattern section includes detailed instructions and tips and tricks for handling the particular challenge of that pattern.

Using a single skein of sock yarn, it's a great way to grow your skills as a lace knitter, and have some fun along the way. The pattern has been thoroughly tested by both seasoned and newer lace knitters.

Available for $7.50 on Patternfish and Ravelry.

All the stitch patterns....

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May said...

I've been wanting to try knitting something with nupps but wasn't sure about a whole project. Your scarf is a great way to learn nupps and to read charts. Plus it uses sock yarn!