Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day of Classes at the Needle Emporium

I was the Needle Emporium this past weekend to teach some classes, and I'm pleased to report that a splendid time was had by all!

I taught two of my favourite classes: Entrelac and Finishing.

I love teaching Entrelac because it's a "stretcher" - it causes knitters of all skill levels and experience to stretch their skills. It's a fascinating technique, one that requires you to suspend your disbelief and work some pretty strange maneuvers - 'Whatdya mean I have to turn? I'm nowhere near the end of row!'. It's a great project for a newer knitter to learn some new tricks... I had a student once ask me for a project that would help her practice picking up stitches and increasing and decreasing... Entrelac is definitely it!

And it's a great project for an experienced knitter to challenge herself: it plays with a knitter's understanding of rows, and teaches some uncommon skills - pick up and purl, anyone?

I also enjoy the discussion that results about directional increases and decreases. Such fun!

Playing with the camera, I took a couple of pretty good pictures...

Here's G., a knitter of great skill and experience, pushing herself to learn some new tricks:

And here's L.'s "morning knitting class survival kit":

A good day for all concerned. Thanks to Julie for hosting, and to Beth for the cookies.

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Julie Ann said...

It was a great class Kate. Thank you for teaching us some great new skills.
Julie Ann