Monday, April 18, 2011

Lace 102 Sampler Pattern Now Available

By request, I have put together a pattern and tutorial for my Lace 102 sampler.

This sampler is designed to be a learning tool for lace knitters, as an option for those who want to expand their skills but can’t make it to one of my classes in person.

It features a variety of lace stitch patterns, all challenging in different ways, to allow you to experiment and learn some new techniques.

I’ve used some all-over patterns, and some single lace motifs worked on a plain background; I’ve used some lace with a stocking stitch ground (that is, with purl WS), some with a garter stitch ground (with knit WS); there are patterns worked on one side only, and patterns worked on both sides. There are patterns with variable numbers of stitches, and a pattern that featured delayed decreases. I’ve used some tricky and unusual stitches like s2kpo and p2tog tbl. And there are the often-feared Estonian nupps.

The sampler ends with an applied edging.

Charts and written instructions are provided for all pattern stitches. And each individual pattern section includes detailed instructions on how to work it, and tips & tricks for handling the particular challenge of that pattern.

Available from Ravelry and Patternfish.

In pieces:

It begins with the classic and elegant Shetland Razor Shell - interesting because of the specific central double decrease, and challenging because it's not easy to place markers.

Then there's an Estonian butterfly, with nupps. Interesting and challenging because of... well, the nupps.

And a classic two-sided lace, a garter faggoting stitch. Decreases worked over yarnovers - fun!

Above that, there is a Shetland Fern, which takes an otherwise straightforward lace motif and adds patterned wrong side rows.

And then Little Fountain, which introduces delayed decreases - that is, decreases worked a row or two after their corresponding yarnovers - making the pattern a challenge to count and keep track of.

Above Little Fountain is a classic and elegant lace leaf, which seriously messes with your stitch count... 1 stitch increased to 9 and then back down again.

Above the Leaf is a lace ladder featuring the pesky double yarnovers.

And then there's a Gardenia flower, which has more wrong-side patterning and some tricksy decreases... p2tog tbl, anyone?

And then of course, an applied edging to finish.

Lots to play with, and lots to learn, in an evening or two's knitting. Think of it as a sandbox for lace knitters.


Rosie said...

Thank you so much for doing this. I hope it's a successful pattern for you. I'm really looking forward to trying it.

I'm a fairly recently restarted knitter and my stock of projects is growing already, how do you long term knitters resist the temptation to buy stuff that you're going to knit soon??

Becca Cohn said...

Hi Kate!

I LOVE this pattern, I have signed up for this class at the Purple Purl and I can hardly wait for it to begin!

Take Care