Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DKC Frolic: Upcoming Classes & Shopping List

Just a reminder: I'm teaching at the Frolic this weekend.

There are a few spaces left in two of my classes: Custom Fit Socks, and Crochet for Knitters.

You can register at the door - if you do plan to, please check the class info regarding homework.

Crochet for Knitters
Even if you’re not interested in doilies and afghans, crochet is an
incredibly useful skill for the knitter. This two-hour session teaches
you how to bring the power of the crochet hook to your knitting—to
pick up dropped stitches and fix mistakes, for painless seaming, for
creating decorative edgings and joins, and for the mysterious and
wonderful provisional cast-on.

Custom Fit Socks
Liberate yourself from pattern books! Learn how to create a topdown
or toe-up sock pattern for any yarn, and for any foot, and how
to make your own design customizations like pattern stitches and

As to my shopping list... Because I'm teaching, I've got precisely 2 half hour breaks for shopping during the day.... It does keep one focused and within a budget.

The key item on my list for this year is more tools for my mini-knitting kit. I was shopping for this stuff last year, but am still seeking a couple of key items.

I use a little Altoids gum tin, and in it I keep:
-a bunch of safety pins and markers (on a little ring)
-a smallish fabric tape measure
-two crochet hooks - a bamboo one, about 3mm, and the smallest from the Lacis Ebony "Wanda" set (near the bottom of this page). The Lacis one is very clever, being double-ended. It's actually a set of three, but the larger two are too long to fit in my tin.
-a pair of "Puppy Snips" mini scissors.
-two of my beloved coil-less safety pins, for use as holders
-a darning needle - one of the bent-tip Clover needles I love so much
-and unnecessarily but rather adorably, a pair of 3mm 3 inch long bamboo straight knitting needles.

This is the tin I keep in my purse, for when I don't have my full knitting bag and toolkit with me. My purse is pretty small, so I don't want a giant tin, and I don't need the full set of tools, but I am trying to collect the key items.

I'm still seeking a retractable tape measure, and I'd love a little ruler of some kind. I'd actually also like a slightly larger container - not deeper or wider, but definitely a bit longer. The larger Wanda crochet hooks, and the crochet hook/cable needle combo version are a little longer than 4 inches.

The search continues.

I'm also, as always, looking for new and interesting (or indeed old and interesting) books. I'm sure Marsha at Needle Arts Book Shop will have something to tempt me.

Even if you're not in any of my classes, I hope to see you there.


Laura Nelkin said...

Ohhh... Frolic sounds FUN! I totally need to make one (or three) of these tins for my purse and car(s). Thanks for the shopping list!

Annie in the Round said...

I got a very tiny metal measuring tape that is 1.5 inches square. It is retractable and lockable. It comes on a key chain but I removed it. It measures up to 1M. I got it at the toy store http://www.a-two-z.com/
Peace and Yarn,

Fiona said...

I don't know if you have one near you, but Fabricland has retractable fabric tape measures. I carry a small ruler that doubles as a knitting needle gauge, but that would be too long for your tin. Perhaps a metal pencil case would work well?