Saturday, May 01, 2010

Summer Sock Wardrobe

(And oldie but goodie from my pattern catalogue, which I find fabulous relevant in our current unpredictable weather.)

I love going barefoot in the summer, and will cheerfully ditch my socks at the first sign of spring - but just because it's sunny doesn't mean it's actually warm enough to expose my toes.

These socks fill a gap in my sock wardrobe - for those days when I want to go sockless, but can't really do it.

Ankle socks for wearing in your sneakers - pom-pom mandatory.
Pedicure socks - expose your toes but keep the rest of your feet warm.
And flip-flop socks - just because.

Summer Sock Wardrobe - Patternfish link; Ravelry link

The pedicure socks represent an improvement on other published version in that they have a thong that goes between your big and next-to-big toes, so that they stay on.

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