Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frolic 2010: Is it Possible to be Hungover from Yarn Fumes?

What a great time!

I taught three classes - Pattern Reading, Fixing Mistakes, and Designing Your Own Custom-Fit Socks. Met some great knitters, and had some great discussions.

My Custom-Fit Socks class shows you how to take your gauge and your foot measurements and design a sock (top-down or toe-up, as is your wont). But of course we talked about the challenge of designing socks as a gift for someone whose foot you cannot measure - either due to geographic distance, or because you don't want to ruin the surprise.

One of my students said that the Sears catalogue, apparently, has a table of shoe size correlated to foot length, so as long as you can get a shoe size, you're well on your way. Brilliant!

As to what I did in my brief breaks between classes - a little tiny bit of shopping. I resisted the yarn, but did manage to get myself two marvellous and obscure lace books

and the niftiest little toys in the world: mini bamboo crochet hook and knitting needles. The crochet hook is 3mm, and the knitting needles are 2.5mm - and each is 2.5 inches/7 cm long. Just the thing to add to my little box of mini knitting tools.

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