Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Design: Shetland Skies Circular Shawl

My first circular shawl, created with the 'Pi' method popularized by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I've used traditional Shetland patterns - Cat's Paw, Fern, Tree, and of course Feather and Fan - but a very non-traditional colour. And I love it!

A single skein of Malabrigo sock yarn (or equivalent 400m) gives a shawl about 32 inches/80 cm in diameter. A second skein adds about 10 inches/25 cm to the diameter, with a larger and more dramatic Feather & Fan border. You could work in any yarn - a DK would make for a bigger shawl, or go with an aran or even chunky for a great blanket!

Pattern available at Patternfish and Ravelry. The sample is available for viewing at Lettuce Knit.


sarah said...

Kate! This is beautiful! I love it! I'm going to add it to my post-thesis, I can think again queue!

Cindy/KS said...

Wow! I love the color & the design. But while I have been considering doing a shawl, I just haven't quite gotten there. Probably has something to do with the 3 pair of socks, 1 sweater & 1 afghan already on the needles right now.

Christina Lowry said...

Oh, I do love this shawl. It is perfectly beautiful. If only I could knit like I can crochet. :)