Sunday, May 02, 2010

DKC Frolic Saturday May 8th: Classes & Shopping

Much buzzing and excitement in the southern Ontario knitterly world, as we get ready for the DKC Frolic this coming weekend.

I'm teaching three classes: Pattern Reading, Fixing Mistakes, and Design Your Own Custom-Fit Socks.

Pattern Reading is for knitters who are confident with their needles (or getting there!) and are ready to tackle a pattern. Patterns are written in a language all their own, and I teach you how to read, understand and follow a pattern, whether using US/Canadian standards and language, or UK, or even Japanese. I also explain gauge and how to check it (and when you don't need to!), and how to read sizing and schematic info so you know you're knitting a garment that will actually fit. Bring any patterns you want to work, or are having problems with.

Fixing Mistakes is for knitters who are getting good, but are still stymied when something goes wrong. I'll show you how to safely undo stitches and correct them - as I say in the class, taking the stitches entirely off the needles really should be the last resort. I'll show you what to do about dropped stitches, incorrect stitches and strange holes. I'll also talk about fixing the sorts of mistakes that happen in following the pattern - forgetting an increase, or doing an extra one. And most important of all, I'll teach you when a mistake doesn't need to be fixed! Bring your mistakes - I promise I won't embarrass or make fun of you for them...

And Design Your Own Custom Fit Socks is for knitters who have worked a few socks, and are ready to start creating their own. I cover top-down and toe-up, and talk about how to not only properly fit a sock, but how to apply pattern stitches and one-of-a-kind design elements. Optional: bring a swatch of the yarn you'd like to work it.

Info and sign up details here.

As for shopping, I won't have much time, but it's just going to force me to be focused.

On this year's wish list:

Some kind of mini-ruler and scissor solution.

I am trying to put together a mini version of my toolkit for carrying in my purse. So far I have a mini crochet hook, safety pins, markers, a cable needle and a darning needle all handy in an Altoids gum tin. For cutting I've been carrying a small Swiss Army knife, but it takes up too much room and has too many other non-relevant tools to really be appropriate. There's also a USB stick, because yes, I've found it's good to have my patterns and teaching notes with me. What I need is a smaller cutting solution, and some kind of a ruler. I've seen some nifty "got gauge" rulers, but they are only in US/imperial measurements. I'm not adverse to changing the container, if I can find something reasonably small.

Update: a couple of good suggestions in the comments - thanks! I have half been considering getting an unobtrustive tattoo of a ruler of my hand, but popular opinion is that it might sag over time and give inaccurate measurements... ;-)

a needle gauge pendant, in the smaller sock/lace sizes
, for both function and style!

And of course, some fun, interesting and obscure books. I am sure Marsha of the Needle Arts Book Shop will be able to tempt me.


V said...

How about a pair of nail scissors or a nail clipper? The clipper is even flight-friendly. Worked for me! Also, I rolled up an Ikea ruler (the free paper king that you measure their furniture with) and that has worked well.

Bonny said...

For your ruler, you might consider using a Sharpie or other indelible marker and put marks right on your USB stick and use that as your ruler. Two tools in one! Just an idea, ou may not want to mark up your USB...

TracyKM said...

I use nail clippers, and I also have little folding scissors--I think for needlework. For a tape measure, I have one of those round Fabricland ones that retract into the plastic case, but the case broke, so I just fold it up like a yarn butterfly (I also cut it down, I found I didn't need a 36" ruler, LOL. It has cm on the other side). I also stick in a few yarn butterflies of a slick, DK weight yarn. These can be used for waste yarn, stitch holders, to take the work off the needles to stretch out, etc.

aprilquilts said...

For mini rulers, I use the printable rulers you can find here:

Then, I cover each side with packing tape before cutting out. This makes it sturdy and laminated. I have them in all my bags.