Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reader Mail: To Becca, who asked about Kureyon Sock

I promised a while ago that I'd be giving the Kureyon socks a good wear test. I've been wearing them a couple of times a week since I finished them in December, and the results so far are good.

I hand wash them and let them air dry - which is how I can wear them that often without running the washing machine.

They're softening up somewhat, and felting a little tiny bit -- it's just sort of filling out the fabric a bit, making it a bit denser. No signs of shrinking, and no visible wear or pilling or thinning.

Will keep wearing them at the same rate, and will report back in another month or so.

I've been told that the felting effect is more pronounced if you machine wash them, but again, no reports of much shrinkage.

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