Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Instant Gratification Hat & Wristwarmers

It happens to everyone in this climate. Eventually, no matter how much you enjoy winter sports and hot drinks and snuggling up by the fire, you get tired of winter.

For me, it's that I get tired of all the gear required to simply step outside.

2 pairs of socks. Parka. Boots. Scarf. Gloves if it's above about -5 degrees, big mitts if it's colder than that. And of course, a hat. And if it's really cold, the hood snaps on the parka, and goes on over the hat.

But I've been wearing the same parka with the same hat and mitts since the middle of December, and I'm bored with them.

Being a knitter, of course, I have an easy way to solve this problem...

Introducing the Instant Gratification Hat & Wristwarmers.

Worked in Noro Silk Garden Chunky... they knit up like the wind, the colours are wonderful and just perfect for cheering up my black parka.. The yarn is 45% silk/45% mohair/10% lambswool blend, making it much softer than many of the Noro yarns, and very warm and insulating.

In particular, I love how the colour lengths are just long enough to make perfect stripes, and how the wristwarmers don't match each other, but they do both match the hat.

The pattern is for sale on my Ravelry store and at Patternfish.

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