Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pattern Writing: Online Class

I'm very happy to announce that I'm running an online class on Pattern Writing.

Delivered through Interweave's Craft University platform, this is a slightly different animal than many online classes. It's not a video class, it's not a lecture class - it's like an old-school distance learning class. The platform's main feature focuses around discussion forums. And the class is all about that: discussions for learning.

This class specifically addresses the details of how to create complete, clear and easy-to-use knitting patterns, for any type of design, and for any level of knitter. This is a comprehensive course on writing knitting patterns: You'll bring your designs and your knitting skills, this class will help you take them and turn them into a set of instructions suitable for self-publication or submission to a publication. Together we'll review in detail all of the elements that need to go into a knitting pattern. We'll talk about creating clear and logical pattern instructions. We'll discuss tools that you can use to create the pattern, including software and solution for layout and charting. And we'll talk about the process: technical editing, test knitting and preparing a pattern for sale or submission to a publication.

It's a fully interactive experience: expect lots of discussions and exercises and assignments. Although there's lots of value in the prepared material I will present, students should be prepared to participate in these discussions and do the exercises to get the most from the class. And equally, I expect to answer lots of your questions and participate in the discussions, too! The objective is to help you develop your own pattern writing style and style sheet, and to help you write a pattern or two, too.

If you've read my Pattern Writing book, and want to dig further, or are just beginning and need to get more hands-on guidance, this class is for you. You can work at your own pace and the system is set up to let us all use the discussion boards at any time! I'm looking forward to being able to answer your questions, and help you as you build your pattern writing skills.

It all starts May 30th, and runs until July 12.

Register here.

Given that this is a slightly unusual thing, you might have some questions about it. If you do, let me know by leaving a comment! I'll answer them for you here in the comments.

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