Saturday, May 23, 2015

On "Difficult" Sock Yarns & How To Use Them.

I do love a good sock yarn. And goodness knows I buy a lot of it. And I tend to go for either something very neutral and very wearable, or something entirely insane.

And those insane sock yarns are fun, but not necessarily good for socks, y'know?

Some of them are too light to be used for socks. (Ever knitted socks with a colourway that has white in it? They look grimy pretty quickly.)

Some of them are too wacky for socks... for example this bundle of fantasticness I picked up recently.

Western Sky Knits' Rainbow Bright.

Sometimes we buy them because we love the name of the colourway, without considering what it actually looks like. (Oh come on, I can't be the only one who has done that...)

And some of them come in skeins a bit too small. (Looking at you, Noro Silk Garden Sock and your 328yds...)

I've been quietly working on a few designs for these "difficult" yarns, scarves and shawls and cowls, and I'm thinking that I'm probably not the only one who has a stash full of them. It's time for a collection, I think? Wooly Wormhead has done this for hats; I think I want to do a similar thing for wraps and neckwarming types of pieces.

So: what are you favourite "difficult" sock yarns? What sorts of colourways do you have in your stash that you need help using up?

Are you a yarn dyer with a yarn that might fit the bill? Drop me a line at kate dot atherley at gmail. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I'm a real sucker for the Blue Moon multicolour waves (hello, free range chicken!) but they do tend to pool awkwardly in socks (working with river rocked right now and loving the beautiful colours but not entirely loving the pooling). Looking forward to your wraps and neck warmers!
P.S. Who could possibly resist a yarn called supercolourfragilistic? See? Impossible.

Bonnie said...

Ha! I see that Erin has beaten me to the punch. I also was going to mention Blue Moon yarns. I love the variegation in the skein, but I have a hard time finding a pattern I love with those yarns. (Currently, I'm trying the Zug um Zug pattern. It's too soon to know if it'll work.)