Thursday, May 14, 2015

Next extremity: The Hand Size Survey

Waaaaay back.... in the summer of 2011, specifically, I launched a survey to collect foot size data. I got over 500 results, and a book out of it.

Now it's time for hands. Once again, I'm seeking input from knitters, family members of knitters, friends of knitters - and anyone who has a tape measure and a couple of spare minutes.

I want to use the data to develop a better understanding of hand size, to help me better size mitten patterns.

It's quick, I promise! There are two questions about demographics (age-groups and whether you work in metric or imperial) and then six measurements.

(Dear Graphic Designer friends: please refrain from laughing at this image. You know who you are. Thank you.)

Google Form to fill in, please and thank you! Get any many hands as you can, please. Both of your own, and all available family members. Need something to entertain the kids on a rainy day? Get them to take the measurements.

As before, I will compile and publish the data on this blog, and on the Knittyblog. And who knows, there may be a book in it....

Thanks for your help!

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