Friday, May 08, 2015

Math for Knitters Webseminar Part 2

As promised! Part 2 of my Math for Knitters Webseminar series runs this Wednesday. May 13th at 1pm EDT.

Remember, if you can't attend live, you can always listen to the recording after the fact, on demand. Registration gives you full access for a year (and I will share my presentation, so you don't have to frantically scribble notes).

(If you missed part one, you can listen to the recording here.)

Part two is all about gauge - when it matters, how to check it, how to match it, and what to do if you can't. I'll share with you my "Gauge Alterations Degree of Difficulty Index", and equip you with tools for cope when you just can't get the right gauge with the yarn you want to use.

I'll also cover garment alterations, again focusing on building an understanding of what's easy and what isn't ("The Garment Alterations Degree of Difficulty Index"), and using that knowledge to help you identify exactly the right pattern to buy, to minimize the amount of time doing math. Just because I like doing math doesn't mean I'm going to make you do it.

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