Thursday, May 02, 2013

The DKC Frolic; Fantastic?

As always, it's such a good time. The event is a major highlight of the year for me, and not just because it's at the start of the summer.... but because of the shopping and the classes and the people.

I was pretty busy this year, with four fun classes.

I ended the weekend with a gang of intrepid knitters, teaching the War and Peace socks. I love this class, as it's a fabulous challenge and fun experience - not nearly as hard as it seems, and at the same time much more fun and much cooler.

As for shopping, I didn't have a ton of time, but I did manage to add to my book collection. As a designer, I love stitch libraries for inspiration, and I picked up another Japanese stitch libraryfrom Marsha at the Needle Arts Book Shop. I also got a booklet of wonderful vintage lace designs.

But the highlights came from Kim and Ron of indigodragonfly - not only my own colourway! - but also this GENIUS button, destined to be loved and worn by knitting designers and teachers everywhere.

It stands for "Knit a fantastic gauge swatch". Or perhaps "Knit a fair-sized gauge swatch". Or whatever "f" word you might wish to substitute....


Sue F said...

"Or whatever "f" word you might wish to substitute"


Alli said...

Please tell me Jen and Miko will have some of this colourway at the PP this summer! I NEED a skein of Indigodragonfly in this colour!! FABULOUS! (and best name too!)