Thursday, May 23, 2013

KnitEdge Magazine - My Sock Column

I'm proud to have published my two books with Cooperative Press, the brainchild of KnitGrrl herself, Shannon Okey. Shannon's latest fabulous initiative is Knit Edge magazine. A digital magazine, Knit Edge brings together the best in new and modern design, and columnists on a broad array of topics.

Shannon has been kind... brave?... foolish? enough to give me a column - Wisehilda on Socks.

See a preview of one of my columns here, on the Knit Edge blog...

Shannon's also offering a special discount for subscribers for my readers: $3 off a full year subscription with the coupon code "wisehilda" if you sign up for a year here... Yes, that's right - 3 issues for $11.99, saving you nearly 6 dollars off the per-issue price!

But it's not just about me. Shannon has assembled some great talent to work on the magazine, and designers in the current issue include Brenda Castiel, Elinor Brown and Joelle Hoverson. Designers like Annie Modesitt, Sarah Wilson and Lara Neel have been in previous issues. To see the designs in the new issue, look at Ravelry. Back issue patterns are here.

In the inaugural issue, I talked about how to get started with sock knitting. But I'm not afraid to tackle the controversial topics: In Issue 1, I discussed the whys and wherefores and the pros and cons of toe-up vs. top down. And Issue #2 was all about the various needle configurations - DPNs vs. Magic Loop vs. Two circulars, as you can see in the excerpt above. In the latest issue, I talk about yarns for sock knitting.

Are there topics you'd like to see discussed? Questions you want answered about the world of sock knitting? Bones you want to pick with me...
Yes, that's right, I don't graft the toes of my socks... wanna fight about it?

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