Thursday, March 08, 2012

"The Safety Pint"

As you probably know, I do a fair bit of technical editing of knitting patterns. This is work I love very much.

As a technical editor (and an opinionated one at that), I'm always a little nervous when I send one of my own patterns for editing. I worry that I'm going to make a silly mistake, totally destroying my credibility.

Last year I designed a pattern for the IndigoDragonfly Smart-Ass Knitters club.    As is sensible, Kim sent my pattern off to a tech editor. The report was that it all ok, except for a rather strange item in the materials list - I was asking that the knitter have, in addition to needles, yarn, stitch markers, a "safety pint".

That's not the funny part... Both Kim and the tech editor decided they needed to confirm this with me. Apparently, they wouldn't put it past me to suggest that the knitter have a beer at hand. You know, just in case.


Bonnie said...

I don't care what the project is--a safety pint is going to be more welcome than a safety pin. Always.

Diana said...

A safety pint is vital! It's my go-to tool when I have to rip back.

kim said...

And you know...I'm still not quite sure we chose the right one. ;)

Bogie said...

I could use a safety pint right about now.