Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Godzilla Ridge

I've been hankering for a reason to knit myself another Lizard Ridge blanket for quite some time... the first one is one of my favourite FOs, and quite likely my favourite knitting project of all time.

Jennifer's invention of the Godzilla Ridge really got me thinking. I've got 6 balls of Hitsuji in my stash, and I'm teaching a Lizard Ridge class tomorrow.  

Guess what I'll be doing for my class sample?

Since I've got a single colorway (the one in the picture, by coincidence), I'm going to work it in one piece. Will cast on 85 sts for about a 36 inch wide blanket, and that yardage should give me a piece about 54 inches long.  Cannot wait to get started!

UPDATE: first row of short-row bumps complete!


Julia said...

Oh gosh I love it! The knitting shop I frequent has a finished one on display.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, this is gorgeous! What colourway is this?