Saturday, October 09, 2010

In Which I Show My Dirty Laundry, Metaphorically

A post on the Knittyblog about why I love spreadsheets, and how I use them to help me in my knitting.

Showing the world that snippet of my stash inventory feels like showing my dirty laundry in public, it really does.

Denny confessed to me today that she really couldn't understand how I could be good at math and bad at arithmetic. Ask anyone who's tried to split a restaurant bill with me - I always have to get my writer hubby to work out the tip.

On a different note: Happy Birthday, John. The world misses you. I miss you. You have been more of an influence on me than many know - and not just because of my undying love for Chelsea boots and caps.

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Pretentious Wombat said...

What makes me laugh is that my SO is a writer and I always have to figure out the tip when we go out. I am the math geek in the family. :-D