Monday, October 04, 2010

At Last! A Solution for My Lizard Ridge Leftovers

I finished Lizard Ridge 3 years, 3 months and 10 days ago.

Since then, there has been a little plastic bag of leftovers in my stash.

When I cleaned out my stash a few weeks ago, I was reminded that it was there.

And I started thinking.

I'd always meant to use them up, these leftovers. I'd weighed it - there was about 400gm in the bag. (If truth be told, it's not entirely Lizard Ridge leftovers. There are a few bits and pieces from other projects in there, too.) But net net: I had 400m of Kureyon, mostly in little tiny 5g balls.

I had tried some crochet, but since there wasn't enough to make an actual blanket - and given that I already had a Kureyon blanket - it didn't seem like the right application.

I've been teaching a class recently on my Top-Down Vest pattern, and I've been working with the pattern, trying a few modifications and variations. The original pattern calls for worsted weight gauge - 20 sts/4 inches. But there was no reason I couldn't do it with an aran weight (18 sts/4 inches) - and 400m is just about exactly what I need to make a vest.

And the die was cast.

So I have began a top-down vest with my Lizard Ridge Leftovers.

There is a fine line between a knitting project that marks you as eccentric, and one that marks you as truly insane.

I'll let you judge whether I have crossed the line...


17th stitch said...

Given that the vest, thus far, is GORGEOUS... I'm going to have to say that you haven't crossed the line yet. "Crazy like a fox" perhaps?

MJ said...

The line has not been crossed! It's looking brilliant.