Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two Non-Knitting Things Keeping Me Busy This Week

Am taking a sewing class at The Workroom in Toronto. It's a day camp for grownups for the week - complete with candy and treats.

It's a Amy Butler shirtdress project - if you've seen me around this summer, you know how much I love wearing shirtdresses - and as soon as I saw it advertised I had to sign up.

It's a fun group, and it's great to stretch my sewing skills - I don't do it nearly often enough.

The other thing that's keeping us busy is this little guy:

He was found by a neighbour in her yard on Friday, and we've been busy working with our neighbours taking care of him, and trying to find his family. He's a sweetheart, he really is, and we're sure that somewhere there is a family missing him very much. He has no chip, and no tags on his collar, so there was absolutley no info about who he is or where he came from. We've posted at the Humane Society and with City Animal Services; we've been using Twitter and Facebook and Craigslist. We've searched classified ads in all the local papers. We've emailed all the vets in the area, and we're postering.

We're also making sure he feels safe and taken care of - making sure he's not alone, and he's fed and healthy.

No news, so far. It's a heartbreaker, the idea that there is a family somewhere without their little guy. And if there isn't someone looking for him, it's a heartbreaker in a different way. We will keep looking - we're carrying posters further afield today.

If you know who he might be, or you're willing to put a poster in your neighbourhood in Toronto, please email


Anonymous said...

Oh... how sweet of you Kate! I hope you guys find that cutie's family soon, if you haven't already. Although, I think he must be feeling really loved by a whole bunch of people right now!

And pleeeeeaaaaase... post pictures and a brief description of your finished Amy Butler shirtdress! I think you know I've started sewing a few months ago, and I cannot wait to see your work in the sewing world, knowing your good taste and talent in the knitting one!



murphy said...

I am very happy/jealous to hear you are taking classing at The Workroom. It's my favorite place in Toronto and the fabrics are amazing! Be warned, once you take one class, you'll want to do them all!

So sad about Dexter, but it looks like he couldn't have found a better place to be rescued. Those god he's adorable!

I am about to complete my second pair of socks from your simple socks pattern! It's official, i'm hooked!

Take care,