Friday, July 16, 2010

Secret Knitting: Not Very Exciting

I've just finished a big Secret Knitting Project. Secret Knitting Projects are those that are meant for publication...

Secret Knitting Projects make for terrible blog fodder. We can't show them off, you see. They are Secret!

You've seen hints of it, in various photos of late.

Secret Knitting has spent hours on the bench in our yard, enjoying the sunshine.

Secret Knitting went to Coney Island.

Secret Knitting has enjoyed with me an iced coffee or twelve.

Secret Knitting has ridden the streetcar, back and forth across Toronto, many times. Secret Knitting got caught in a G20-related TTC stoppage.

Secret Knitting has been around, it's true. It's a big project. By yardage, it's one of the largest projects I've ever worked. It's a fine yarn, so it wasn't too big to carry around until the final stages. But it is a warm yarn - cashmere - so there were days when it was a challenging project to work in public in this hottest of hot summers.

And now, Secret Knitting is in a puffy envelope, making its way to a Secret Location for photography.

I'm proud of this one, and can't wait to show it off when the time comes.

Fly safe, Secret Knitting - I look forward to your eventual return home!

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Anonymous said...

Oooooh, can't wait to see what beautiful pattern this turns out to be!