Friday, July 09, 2010

Mad for Plaid

Introducing Mad for Plaid, my latest sock design published in the new Knitty - the First Fall issue.

I had fun playing with colours for this design...

It's an easy and approachable sock construction, top-down, band heel, nothing fancy going on. Very knittable as a first sock project. What makes it special is some not-too-challenging colourwork that creates a clever tartan sort of effect... it's mostly easy horizontal stripes, with four 1-stitch wide vertical stripes.

And of course, I did a left and a right sock - and I mixed up the colours. These four socks were knitted with 4 50gm skeins of sock yarn - all the same colours, just positioned differently. You can work a pair exactly the same, but I'm not that sort of girl...

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