Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Send Me A Postcard...

Way back in the spring, at the Frolic, Mum bought a knitting kit from Philosopher's. A beautiful Fair Isle design -- this one, if memory serves.

It's gorgeous, in rich blues and greens.

I wound the yarn for her with my ballwinder and swift, since to do it by hand would likely have taken longer than the knitting...

There's a lot of yarn in that kit. A LOT of yarn.

Mum's just about finished up with the other project she bought at the Frolic, and is ready to tackle this kit.

I've been helping her out here and there with that other project. It's a Fleece Artist kit, and you know how I feel about Fleece Artist patterns. It's not that it's got mistakes in it, but it's so casually written that there simply isn't enough detail for the average knitter.

But now it's just about done, and she's ready to tackle the Philosopher's kit.

Internets, I have a dirty, dirty secret: I'm not a fan of Fair Isle knitting. I love the results, but I don't enjoy the process.

I told her that she should just send me a postcard when she's done.

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Kirsten said...

I still wear the gray Tumbling Blocks sweater I knit from the kit I bought from Philosopher's back sometime between 1987 and 1992. I bought it specifically because it was the only single-colour kit they had at the craft fair!