Friday, August 22, 2008

Wool of the Dog?

Funny, I'd just been looking at this book last weekend, and chuckling to myself (and others within earshot) about the table of dog breeds in the back, and the comments on the suitability of various breeds' hair for spinning and knitting.

And now there's this. A whole set of portraits of people wearing their dog hair sweaters, posed with the dog(s) who provided the hair.

As a knitter and a lover of big fuzzy dogs, I feel hugely conflicted about this.

I mean, it's nice to have a use for all the hair that accumulates all over your furniture and floor...

but on the other hand... eww.


christine said...

I have to say I don't understand the ewww factor. I recently spun up some dog hair for a friend and was really surprised by the comments from others, generated by that action. It's just a fiber!

We happily wash (in our sinks and bathtubs!) sheep's wool encrusted with all manner of matter. We spin it and wear it. We often have no idea what chemicals or sprays the animal has been subjected to. We wear silk that was extruded from a worm's butt - but it's gross to wear fur spun from a beloved pet? Once the yarn is washed it doesn't smell "doggy" in any way.
I think those sweaters look lovely. They certainly represent a lot of time and effort. I would wager no one would know they were made out of dog hair unless they were told.

minijaxter said...

im thinking a sweater would be cool but i would much rather have a nice fuzzy blanket made from my german shepherds hair.
he is so soft and fluffy...