Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reader Mail: About Needles for Travel

"Cape Cod Momma" asks about whether Addi Turbos are accepted on planes.

In my experience, you are ultimately at the mercy of the people manning the security checkpoints... I've successfully taken a metal circular on a couple of flights, but it was never one of my good ones.

I'd personally leave the Addis at home and take bamboos, just to be on the safe side.

Looks like KnitPicks has bamboo circulars in the length you're looking for...

happy travels!


Marilyn Adams said...

Thank You!!!!! I have ordered those beauties in a couple of different sizes and different lengths. Hey, a girl never knows what she may want on those needles tomorrow! Only one question, do the metal joins cause the security people any palpitations? I'll let you know how I like them. I'm usually an Addi girl with that yarn just zippin' off those needles. Maybe I'll just have to slow down a bit and enjoy the ride!

Thanks again! Cape Cod Momma

Marilyn Adams said...

I don't mean to bother you with my issues but I have an interesting flying story. My husband and I had saved up for a trip to France. Unfortunately it was scheduled for 10 days after 9/11. We went anyway . Number 1: we needed that trip, number 2: we'd paid for that trip, number 3: we REALLY needed that trip!
I had a sock already started on bamboo circulars and managed to get thru security with them. They told me, "no problem" The flight is 7 hours, at night, and I can't sleep on planes. I'm knitting along, making great time. A flight attendant comes up to me and whispers "can you come to the back of the plane please?" OK so now my husband is sure they are going to throw us out the window. I go back - way in the back - and there lo and behold are 5 flight attendants......all knitting! My kind of people! They had never seen socks done on 2 circulars before and wanted a lesson! I sat and knit with them for almost an hour until it was time for them to start serving breakfast to the masses.
One of my favorite memories! They all said knitting was a common interest they all shared and it got them thru the flight. They all seemed calm. Now if we could just get more to knit!

Cape Cod Momma

sarah said...

on my way to cuba a week ago, i left my addis in my checked luggage, and knit on bamboos on the plane. when we got to the hotel, I found another pair of addis in my carry-on luggage, wedged in the bottom! so i could have had the socks on the plane the whole time! so on the way home, I brought my addis AND sock yarn with no problem either time!