Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ideal Travel Knitting, or Not

I'm on the road. Been to the Pacific Northwest for a few days...

lots of time in airports, and on planes, which is all great for knitting.

Bamboo needles, naturally, and I've been working on a lace design -- one of my own -- in TimiQuipa alpaca.

It's beautiful yarn, an absolute joy to work with, and I love the soft blue colour.

Here's the problem... I finished it up lace night and I have no way to block it. And it's driving me insane. I want to see how it looks, how big it's going to be.

I did block the swatch, so I have some sense -- but I'm an impatient sort, and I want to see what it will become!

At least if I knit socks on the road I can wear them when they're done. With lace, I'm stuck with a crumpled heap of yarn that looks like nothing at all....

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Marilyn Adams said...

Bamboos. I am flying in2 weeks on United. I use 2 Adi turbos on my socks. Do I need to get bamboos? I've looked all over the net and can't find "0" circular 24" (or 16") bamboos. Any suggestions? Or can I just take my Adis. I'd hate to have those taken away. My husband says I need to take my knitting. He's not sure he'd like to travel with me if I can't have my knitting. Help please!

Cape Cod Momma