Wednesday, June 27, 2007

There Must Be Something Going Around

I know I'm not the only one suffering from Mismatched Sock Syndrome.

Here's my problem, though... I used the same yarn for both. Argh.

I know what happened, I think... the number of stitches in the foot of left sock (the one on my foot, that is), isn't right. Too many. I should have decreased back down to match the number of stitches in the leg. Just by eyeballing it, it looks like I didn't.

Naturally, because these socks were worked months and months apart, the first one has been sitting in the cupboard, unexamined, and I didn't know they didn't match. I pulled the first one out to measure and match the length of the foot last night, and discovered the mismatch.

I shall unravel the foot of the left and reknit it.


mommyo5 said...

No. Don't unravel and reknit. Just tell anyone that notices that you wondered who would be brave enough to make a comment on your knitting. Unless you walk around public places shoeless only friends will even see your "unique" pair. If someone does comment you can ask which one they like best so you can knit either stripes or pools on your next pair. ON SECOND THOUGHT, go ahead and unravel, I would go nuts knowing my socks didn't match too!

AuntieAnn said...

Actually, what would make me even more nuts, myself, would be the different fit. Well, and the different look. OK, they both would.