Saturday, June 23, 2007

Because sometimes you gotta branch out

Do you know about the Textile Museum Yardage sale? Held every May at Toronto's Textile Museum, it's a fundraising event... a yard sale of everything fibre and craft related. It's paradise for the crafty and adventurous, all sorts of treats and magical finds available at absurdly low prices.

I've been several times, and bought all kinds of terrific stuff. I particularly enjoy digging through the heaps of half-finished, abandoned projects. I bought a cast-off cross stitch projects for 50 cents to get the embroidery hoop. I bought a half-completed sewing project, circa the mid 1960s. A mohair suit, the pieces all cut out, the pattern still in the envelope. I took it to a dress maker who cut it to fit and finished it up. I think that was $10. All sorts of great stuff.

Tons of books and pattern magazines, too... lots of 1980s horrors, but that's part of the fun.

Last time I went I decided to splurge -- $2! -- on an unopened needlepoint kit with a copyright date of 1974. What a great way to try needlepoint. It helped, of course, that the picture amused me no end.

And after months and months of sock knitting commissions, and needing a smaller project after finishing up Lizard Ridge, I opened up the package and began.

Voila! Needlepoint broccoli!

I'm just saddened that I won't be able to find the rest of the kits in the series -- the carrot, the radishes and the pumpkin.

I doubt I'll take needlepoint up seriously, but hey, it's good to branch out sometimes.

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