Friday, September 08, 2006

Pride Goeth

You know the old Pride goeth before a fall thing?

Well, it goeth big time.

I was feeling all proud and smug about my first completed lace design -- the red thing of which I'm not posting pics. I had shared a pic with a couple of my best knitting pals, and their feedback was terrific. (Thanks Abby and Lorena!)

So on a quiet evening at home, I went back to the edging on the Highland Lace shawl, and discovered a colossal and unrecoverable mistake in the third row. And of course I hadn't bothered feeding a lifeline... So I had to pull back 5 rows of 360+ stitches very very carefully, and pick the stitches one by one -- including a billion yarnovers.


1 comment:

denny Mcmillan said...

some times you should'nt count. just rip.
best not to know how many stitches you have ripped out.