Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Broke Down

I wanted to do the Ribwarmer in black. (Of course I did.) But after all the emails back and forth with Emma about hers, after seeing the pics, and being in the middle of a design slump, I knew I just had to get one going.

So I dug through the stash and found two almost complete balls of Lamb's Pride in not-at-all complementary colours. Beggars can't be choosers, you know. (The other colour choices can be spotted in the pic, on the right hand side, on the lower shelf of the coffee table.)

And here we are. The knitting went very fast. Sewing up was unexpectedly a pain in the butt, and the edging was slow because I was playing "nearly out of yarn" chicken. There was lots of ripping back and measuring of the tiny bit of yarn I had left.

Yes, Denny, those are ends which I will weave in.

And that's Avery. She's the best dog in the world. You might think you know the best dog in the world. But her name is Avery, she's a 13 year old yellow lab, and she lives with us.


emma jane said...

Fantastic!! I loved comparing our two versions on Wednesday night. It always amuses me to see how two garments can use the same pattern and end up looking like sibblings. It was great to see the Lamb's Pride knit up as well. It makes me very tempted to do another one of these for my niece.

I can't wait for your bolero version of this design!

denny Mcmillan said...

I thinks we got this falls new mobius.
ribbbbbbed for shrugging

brennx0r said...

Your FO looks awesome! I am currently working on this too - I think the hardest part was deciphering the pictures given with the pattern (which could have been done a lot better). I think I spent about 15 minutes reading and rereading the pattern just to make sure that I was imagining it correctly.

I'm currently on the portion where the double cable turns into the bottom hem. One of the things that I'm doing to avoid sewing later is to pick up the bottom of the back pieces, and knit the first double cable stitch and the picked up stitch together. It looks good so far, but I hope it doesn't turn into a nightmare later.