Sunday, September 03, 2006

Estimating yardage

Fell in love yesterday with some yarn in the bargain basement of the aforementioned R___ shop. It was inexpensive, a really great colour, and clearly 100% wool. Oh yes, and unlabelled. The woman working the (probably awful) basement shift could confirm it would wool, and that it was from Philopher's. It was 4 ounces (because she'd measured it, she told me). But she couldn't tell me the yardage.

ARGH. Could I have come up with some kind of approximation, by looking at other yarns of similar gauge and fibre composition... but I was without my calculator, and wasn't feeling particularly clever.

Very annoying.

She told me that none of the small Canadian yarn producers put the yardage on their labels. I have a hard time believing this. I shall have to do some research, I think.

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denny Mcmillan said...

As if go look at a fleece artist, or hand maiden.

Peter Rabbit= 250m to 50 grams

don't just pull this shit out of my head . It's called a LABLE.

See ya soon honey