Sunday, September 10, 2006

On Tension & A Ribwarmer

Emma Jane has finished her Ribwarmer and it's terrific! Cannot wait to make one myself. Am still waiting for the yarn, unfortunately.

I was talking to Denny and one of her friends this week; Denny introduced me as the Queen of Tension. "Kate always checks her tension," she said. I'd like to think there was a bit of awe in her voice, but I suspect it was more that she thinks I'm crazy. Denny's heard me give my lecture about measuring tension in a class several times. Yet she still never checks. (She also knits lace in angora with neither stitch markers nor a lifeline. Draw what conclusions you will.)

"My friend Emma never checks hers." Yeah, yeah, I know. And who got a Ribwarmer done first?
Anyway, Emma has kindly measured her tension for me, and I remain confident that Lamb's Pride worsted will do the trick.


NostalgicKnot said...

I never begin knitting or crocheting a sweater without making a tension swatch first. It makes me feel much more secured lol...

denny Mcmillan said...

I do so check tension
just not in public
Yes that was awe, you are one of the best math knitters I know.
The reason I hang around your classes, is to learn ( for free)