Thursday, November 24, 2005

Variations on a Noro Sweater - part 2

So I carefully chose 10 different colours of Noro Kureyon last night to begin the Variation on the Joan Vass 20th Anniversary Issue of Vogue Knitting sweater. (Hereinafter referred to as the Vass Variation.)

After a discussion with Erin about the success of her graft on the Teva Durham Lace Leaf pullover, I've decided that I'll do the grafting on the back rather than on the sleeves.

I was all keen to cast on, but was stunned to discover I don't own the right needle. Can you believe that I don't own an 80 cm long 4.5mm circular needle? Not even in metal. I'm shocked, I really am. I have a couple of 40 cm ones, used for hats and various other portable projects. And 80cm long 4mm and 5mm... but no 4.5. And I call myself a serious knitter?!

I think this is actually the knitting PTB telling me to finish the damn houndstooth felted bag before I start something else.

I've got less than 10 inches to go, which at my current rate works out to about 7 hours of TV. And we have this week's Prison Break, Lost and at least a couple of Daily Shows and Colbert Reports all stacked up on the PVR waiting to be knitted to. Now, to find the time to sit down.

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