Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kitten Hat - FOUND!

Anyone who knows me knows I've been extremely distressed of late. I couldn't find my beloved kitten hat. It's cold out, and my ears need covering. I ripped apart the closet last weekend, and went through all my coat pockets twice and yet I couldn't find it.

I was sad, and whiny.

Good news! Hubby found it today. He went digging, and found it in the one coat I didn't check. A coat I didn't check because I didn't think I wore it last year, but hey... at least it's found. (I suspect that the cat in whose likeness this was made may have had something to do with this.)

Yay! Kitten hat!

Made out of Classic Elite Waterspun. Lovely stuff.

My mother hates this hat.

Original pattern.

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