Sunday, July 19, 2015

Over t'Pond: Bath September 3, London September 5 & 6, Manchester February 28 & 29

I've got a ton of great teaching engagements lined up for this coming knitting season... Needle Emporium's KnitCamp up on a lake north of Toronto, KnitCity 2015 in Vancouver, some local shop visits, a trip to a shop in Western Mass. whose name you might know, and some other stuff which is soon TBA... but there are two in particular I'm very excited about:

First up, the first weekend of September, is the Yarn in the City event, in London. It's part of a larger event, the third annual Yarn in the City London yarn shop crawl. This year in addition to that event, the organizers have added a pop-up marketplace with lots of wonderful vendors, an indie designer showcase, and classes. With me! I'm teaching two half-day sessions, Introduction to Design and Pattern Writing. You can take both, or just one, depending on your interests and level. The classes are selling fast.

The Thursday before that, September 3rd, I'm taking a trip down to Bath to teach at A Yarn Story. I'll be teaching my Math(s) for Knitters class. This class is aimed at knitters who are confident (or getting there) with their needles and yarn, but less confident about dealing with patterns and gauge and all the tricky numbers issues that come up when working on a project. More details and registration here.

The second is closer to home for me. Very close to home, in fact. 11 miles from where I was born.

February 28 and 29th 2016 in Manchester, UK, I'm at the inaugural "Joeli's Kitchen Retreat". I'm teaching Introduction to Design and my Sizing and Fit classes.

More info and registration here. Move fast, as of this morning there were only 8 places left.

I'm very happy to be travelling back to the UK for teaching gigs. After all, it's where I learned to knit, where my knitting history began. My beloved Grannie Hilda lived in the Manchester area her entire 91-year life, and my attachment to that region is strong. (The food and beer are part of it, I'll freely admit. Parkin and Robinson's, please.)

But all that aside, even if the events were in a part of the world I didn't know and love, I'd be just as thrilled to go. I'm going to get  chance to meet so many of my knitting friends and colleagues and family. Through my tech editing work at Knitty, through my Pattern Writing book, through other book and magazine work, I've got to know a lot of people virtually, and I'm hugely excited about meeting them in person.

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