Friday, July 31, 2015

Custom Socks: The Actual Socks

I spent a lovely time this week setting up the sock projects from the book on Ravelry. It was nice to be able to see them all again, and to be able to make them 'official', y'know?

There's a mix of easy-going and spicy, there's some lace and cables and colourwork. Some are top down, some are toe-up, and some go both ways. I'm open-minded. Knit socks however you want.

The 2015 version of my Basic Ribbed Sock. The pattern offers both top down and toe up versions.
Carpita. Very easy colourwork, I promise!
Harcourt - the pattern offers both top down and toe up versions.
Lindisfarne. Toe up. Yeah, I know, you don't like doing colourwork. I don't care. This one is totally worth it.
Man of Aran. Both top down and toe-up. Go whichever way you want!
Marpleridge. Simple but not boring. A good texture sock; both top down and toe up versions.
Oh, Valencia! Top down, Estonian Lace.
Secrets & Lies. Cables & Lace.  Merino & Cashmere.
Wellesley. Top down and toe up. Cable left and cable right. Go your own way.
Wellington Road. Top down, left and right cables. 
Jarvis. Toe up. Clever lace. 
Fitzcarraldo Knee Sock. Toe up. Maybe a little crazy-making, but very show-offable.

But note that the book isn't just about the patterns. The patterns are only half of it. The rest of the book is about sock fit. More on that in the next blog post...

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