Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In Which I Am Grateful for Friends Who Ship Things: YOU CAN BUY THE HARD COPY OF THE BOOK

Because life, work and illness got in the way, my grand plans to sell the hardcopies of my book directly from my own website were derailed.

To fill in the gap, the very very good people of indigodragonfly yarns are selling them for me.

Here. But the physical (Hard copy. You know: on paper.) book here. 

The fine print: $30 plus taxes and shipping, As a way of apologizing for the delay, for a short-time only, if you buy this, and agree to share your email address with me, I will also give you a copy of the e-book.

If you bought the e-book, the hard copy is $10. Contact me with proof of your purchase and I'll provide you with a coupon code.

And if you're local to Toronto, there are copies at The Purple Purl and Lettuce Knit, and Shall We Knit shall soon have some, too.


Oneday Designs said...
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PurlingPanda said...

I really wanted the hard copy I just ordered but was hoping you would make the electronic version available too. Sooooo happy. I put my email address into indigo dragonfly' s site. I'm assuming that's what you meant by giving you my email address. Thank you!

Sue said...

I am also wondering how to get the electronic copy. Checkout was such a nightmare that I didn't think to put my email in the notes to shipper.

That said I am really looking forward to using this book to help me finish the TKGA master knitter program. The scariest part for me from the beginning has been the thought of designing a sweater and writing the pattern.

Unknown said...

I was so glad you had the book at VKL. I made a beeline to the Indigodragonfly booth and picked up a copy. I can't wait to read it.