Thursday, January 22, 2015

Begging patience

I know. I know. I said I would put the physical copies of my Pattern Writing book up for sale when I got back from Vogue Live.

I'm not often one to moan and complain about my work - I LOVE WHAT I DO. But I've hit the wall this week.

I've come down with a cold, I've had a bunch of deadlines moved up on me, and I've got a million things to take care of before I leave again on a VERY IMPORTANT trip February 2nd ( more on this later). I have a major writing deadline Friday. I have three events needing class details to be confirmed, class descriptions to write and photos to create and supply. I have a bunch of tech editing deadlines. I have a webseminar to prep for . Plus I have my usual local teaching engagements. I have invoices to create so I can get paid. Simply put, due to moving schedule items that other people have declared urgent, I am overbooked. I have put off as much as I can, but I can't say no to anything else.

To put the books up for sale requires me to tweak my shopping cart code for my website and update the pages it's on. It requires me to go to the post office and figure out shipping costs for Canada, US and various European countries. It requires me to buy puffy envelopes. It requires me to take orders and fulfillment.

I'm hugely sorry and frustrated about this myself, but I simply haven't got the time to take care of this this week or next. This is the thing I want to do most of all on my to do list, but I am a one woman business and right now that's not enough staff.

There are books left over, I promise.

If you're in dire need, both The Purple Purl and Lettuce Knit in Toronto have inventory. Otherwise, I hope to get to this the second week of February.

Thank you for your understanding.
Thank you


Patt said...

Understood. I'll be stalking your website to get a physical copy. Hope all goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, we understand. Take care of yourself not just the to-do's.

Unknown said...

I was wondering what was happening with the physical version after you had arrived home.

Thank you for letting us know and look after yourself.

I may prefer to have a physical copy, by my ebook works and this is not a huge deal in the scheme of things.

Dun R. said...

Shit happens. Take care of yourself and everything else will fall into place. Sending hugs.