Sunday, May 25, 2014

Going for Roti, Saturday June 21; Oh yes, also teaching at Spun

I do love a good roti, and there's a terrific little roti shop in a strip-mall in Burlington, Ontario, just west of Toronto. Named D Hot Shoppe, it's unassuming but fantastic. I knew it was going to be good the first time I went, as the line up was both outrageously long, and outrageously diverse:  in that classic Canadian way, people of all cultural origins, suited types, half a soccer team, mums and kids, hard-hatted construction workers, locals and visitors, and yarn shop staff.

Oh yes, yarn shop. In the same strip mall at this roti shop is Spun Fibre Arts. The room is great, the staff is lovely, and the selection is wonderful. I love suburban shops - they have so much more space for yarn than my usual downtown haunts! (In addition, the unofficial mascot of Spun is miniature Dachshund, Shopsy, who is pure comedy on four short legs.)

It's not far west of Toronto, and I'm heading out there to teach Saturday June 21st. There's two classes scheduled, Pattern Reading and Soxpertise.

Pattern Reading
2 hours - 10am-noon
For knitters who are less confident with pattern instructions - learn how to read and fully understand patterns. We'll teach you how to understand garment sizing, and choose the right size to make. We will demystify the schematic, and commonly used abbreviations and conventions. We’ll also talk about how to choose and substitute yarns, and how to check gauge. And last but not least, we'll and address common problem areas like "reversing shapings" and "AT THE SAME TIME".

3 hours - 1-4 pm
For knitters with some sock experience, this interactive and lively workshop focuses on answering all of those frequently asked questions about sock knitting. We tackle topics such as: what’s the deal about toe-up vs. top down: how are they different? should you try both? is one better or easier than the other? Magic Loop/DPNs/2 Circulars: why and how? How to properly measure for, size and fit a sock – including tips on custom-fitting for ‘unusual’ feet – and review different types of heel shapings and how they affect fit and construction. We’ll address the tricky bits like how to avoid holes at the top of your heel, how to get a tidy gusset pick up, and special cast-ons and cast offs. I’ll talk about yarns and fibers and fabrics, and how to ensure that your hand-knit socks last as long as possible. I’ll provide facts and opinions on the surprisingly thorny topics of toe shapings and gussets. I’ll talk about the method and pros and cons of working two-at-once vs. one-at-a-time, and share tips for avoiding the dreaded second-sock syndrome. Bring your socks, your feet, your questions, concerns and issues.

To register, call the shop at 905-681-7786 or visit the Spun website here.

(If you're coming for the afternoon class, note that I will have breath mints with me. The curry is hot and strong.)


Unknown said...

Both of these classes sound wonderful. I would like to take each one. Too bad it would take a flight from San Francisco to make it happen!

JC said...

I'd wanted to attend the Soxpertise class at Spun but can't because of a holiday. Can you please tell me when/if/where you will be offering this class again? P.S. I agree on D Hot Shoppe! Great roti and great yarn from Spun -- perfect combo. It's too bad I'll miss your class in June but hope I can catch it again some time.