Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Go Your Own Way"

(You might have noticed that many things in my life are named after songs.)

The 2014 issue of Knitscene Accessories has just hit the newsstand, and I'm absolutely thrilled to announce I'm in it. Not only am I in it, but my article is mentioned on the cover, and in the editor's letter.
The article is about converting a sock pattern from one direction to the other. I teach a lot of sock knitting classes, and I edit a lot of sock patterns, and speak to a lot of sock knitters, and I've found that the vast majority of sock knitters have a preferred direction. Some like toe-up, some like top-down. That's all good by me. I don't mind which way you go, as long as you're knitting socks.

What I do hear from knitters is that if they encounter a pattern that is for the "wrong" direction, then they are often discouraged. My article aims to help knitters convert a sock pattern from one direction to another, opening up a whole new range of sock patterns.

I love enabling sock knitters!

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