Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Pattern: Campbell Glen* Fingerless Mitts; And a Class to Go With!

The Argyle pattern evolved from the tartan of the Clan Campbell – the clan of my paternal Grandmother, who grew up in the glens of Scotland. (Really, these write themselves.)

Although this argyle stitch pattern seems very modern, it’s actually a traditional Fair Isle pattern that can be found in some very old, classic sweaters from Shetland. Subtle and classic in grey and white, bright colors would create a totally different look.

They use 2 x 50gm of fingering weight yarn. I used Baby Ull which I got at Shall We Knit, but any fingering would work. There's an Angora blend Regia at Lettuce Knit that would be wonderful for these, and The Purple Purl has some amazing Tanis Sock that would be great.  Spud & Chole Fine would be perfect, too, and the silk would make them very warm.

I got a small pair out of about 80yds of the CC and 120 yds of the MC, so it would work well for leftovers, too.

Suitable for knitters with a little colorwork experience, but you needn’t be an expert to make these work. (After all, blocking hides a multitude of tension-related sins.)

These mittens started life as samples for my Design Your Own Fingerless Mitts class, and they were so nice I decided to keep going and actually make something out of them.

And by coincidence - or perhaps not? -  I'm actually teaching that class next weekend in Toronto at the DKC Winter Workshops. It's an ideal class for knitters who are new to colourwork, and it's a fun way to learn not only about how to work these types of patterns, but to learn about the history and how to design your own. More info about that here.

Anyway, yes. If you're not in Toronto, or want to start knitting now, the Campbell Glen mitt pattern is available now on Ravelry

and Patternfish 

More info here.

*Many thanks to my Twitter followers who helped me out of my usual bind about naming patterns. These were going to be "Argyle Fingerless Mitts", and then they were going to be "Glen Campbell" - I think this is the best choice of the three for the name.

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