Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Knit Accessories: Essentials & Variations

Another book already? I know! 

I've been teaching knitting for a while now, and I've worked on and off in yarn shops, and the question I hear so often is "I need a good basic hat/mitt/sock pattern". I hear this from newer knitters, who are looking to make their first hat/mitts/socks, but also from more experienced knitters who are looking for a set or reliable basics that they can use over and over again.

Every knitter needs a set of go-to accessory patterns: hats, scarves, cowls, socks and mittens. These are the patterns that we turn to every winter to make holiday gifts. These are the patterns a knitter relies upon when looking for a quick and easy knit, or a plain sock to work in a self-patterning yarn, or when the weather turns cold and the family needs hats.

KNIT ACCESSORIES: ESSENTIALS AND VARIATIONS is a 64-page booklet collecting these basics and providing a jumping-off point for knitters to create their own unique accessories.

Beginner-friendly and approachable, it’s designed to be a knitter’s first book of patterns, featuring clearly written patterns for easy-to-knit (but still useful) projects that help build confidence and skills.

And it’s not just for beginners! KNIT ACCESSORIES: ESSENTIALS AND VARIATIONS offers more experienced knitters a solid set of master templates to use over and over, with suggestions for altering and customization.

The Patterns
Simple and classic designs... scarves , cowls, hats, mitts and socks
... in a range of sizes... youth small to adult XL
... in two gauges each.... for flexibility without overwhelming

With recipes, ideas and tips for customizing
• suggestions for stitch patterns
• ways to customize with color
And for scarves and cowls, a table of yardage/gauge/finished sizes.

And It’s Not Just a Pattern Book
Mini tutorials to help newer knitters build confidence:
• how (and why) to check gauge for the patterns; and when not to
• tips for working in the round on both circulars and DPNs
• help with tricky spots, e.g.: closing up the hole at the base of a mitten thumb, picking up gusset stitches in top-down socks.
Tips and tricks for knitters of all levels:
• guidance on yarn substitutions – what makes a yarn good for a given application? (e.g. pilliness, washability, softness); recommendations for non-wool alternatives.
• suggestions for gift knitting – how to choose colors, sneaky ways to get sizing info, and what to make if you have no idea of size.

You can buy the book - either physical or digital versions (or both!) - online here, the digital version through Ravelry here. Soon to be available on Patternfish, too.


Natural fibre girl said...

Wonderful book!! You are right Essential accessories with variations is just perfect for all knitters.
I can't wait to get this in my shop. Just in time for Christmas gifts.

Reiko said...

Congratulations on the new book Kate! Now I can ask for the book for Christmas. And a good solid title - one not likely to be mixed up. (I've heard the title of another (unnamed) book of essential patterns jumbled into the "Sweaty Book of Handy Patterns".)