Monday, May 07, 2012

KnitLab San Mateo

I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to announce that I'm on the teaching roster at Knit Lab in San Mateo California this coming November.

The workshop list is amazing - and there's little old me, right in the thick of it.

I'm teaching a full-day "Design Your Own Fair Isle Wristwarmers" session, which is an ideal introduction to colorwork. I provide an introduction to the methods and techniques of Fair Isle, and we create customized, personal, unique wristwarmers using classic Shetland patterning.

I'm teaching my "Two Socks War & Peace Method"... one inside the other.  You know, the Sock Knitter's Party Trick. Bored of making socks the usual way? Looking for a way to show off to your jaded friends? This never fails to impress - and teach you some important things about sock knitting along the way...

and my classic "Designing Custom-Fit Socks" - because 'one size fits all' never does. Learn how to create top-down and toe-up socks for any yarn, for any foot, no matter what the fit challenge. Skinny ankles? Easy! Not-so-skinny ankles? Even easier! High arches? Low arches? Odd feet? Funny toes? We can deal with it all!

Registration opens May 8th.

More info here.

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