Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Scarf for Spring: Sekku Herringbone

I have a mild obsession with the Noro yarns -I love the way they combine colour. A successful Noro design keeps the stitchwork simple and lets the colours show off. This classic and simple lace pattern causes the rows to scallop, making lovely wavy stripes.

This scarf uses one ball of Noro's Sekku laceweight, a rather lovely blend of wool, cotton and silk. It's got a cool cotton-y hand, but the wool and silk make it warm and ensure it handles a lace pattern stitch well.

This is a terrific project to try out lace - only one pattern row, with a straightforward 12-stitch repeat. And I've written the pattern with lots of extra detail to help out newer knitters.

Don't be afraid of the fineness of the yarn and needles - this is really no more work than a pair of socks, and much easier to show off.

It would also work very well with one skein of the new Kirimeiki laceweight or any of the Noro sock yarns - Kureyon, Silk Garden or Taiyo. For those yarns, use a 3mm needle for the knitting and a 4mm needle for casting off.

The finished Sekku scarf is approximately 28 cm/11 inches wide x 127 cm/50 inches long after blocking. A thicker yarn would provide a bigger scarf, of course.

Buy the pattern now on Patternfish and Ravelry.

Thanks to Natalie for the excellent photography!


Catherine said...

It's hard to believe it's only one pattern row repeated. I have two lots of Noro in my stash. one is probably fine enough for this... I might just get busy on a new project tonight

Tammy said...

The pattern is beautiful Kate. I have a skein of lace weight indigo dragonfly that may have (finally!) found it's calling!

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely, Kate. I used Noro Silk Garden sock yarn to make a narrower scarf from what looks like the same stitch pattern. It is called Sock-It-To-Me Scarf in 101 Designer One Skein Wonders.


Unknown said...

What a lovely scarf. I am planning to take your Lace 101 class, and then will definitely try out this pattern!

Mary Vallis said...

You are quickly converting me to Noro, Kate. How many balls did this take? It's gorgeous!

Mary Vallis said...

You are quickly converting me to Noro, Kate. How many balls did this take? It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

HELP!!! I've got the pattern and I have the yarn! But... I need to purchase the needles and am confused. You have 2.5 mm listed. I get this warning when trying to order (Watch those US sizes! Addi calls their 2.5mm needle a US#1, but Inox calls their 2.5mm needle a US#2.) So which did YOU use.. US#1 or US#2

Also, which US# for the casting off 3.5 mm needle?